Steve Jarvis is an independent designer who has spent over 19 years working with a number of global brands, providing valuable insights, creative direction & design solutions for everything from product to packaging, POS & digital experience.


An American icon in the world of watches with an incredible heritage in crafting a well built & consistently reliable product. I spent a number of years at Timex driving watch design as Lead Designer & Design Director for all Sport & Outdoor categories, creating many new products from elegant & simple analog watches to digital styles informed by and built for athletes & adventurers.

TEAM: You Fai Yan. Gali Ramos. Photography Timex & Giorgio Gali

Nike Digital Sport

Part of a small ID team within Nike Brand. Tasked with bringing new meaningful products & experiences to market with a focus on inspiring and motivating all athletes* to "Do More".

TEAM: Jamian Cobbett. Kyle Schepke. Michael Selby. Photography Nike Inc.

Vector Watch

Creative Director for a European start up with a unique and efficient operating system designed to power the expanding world of wearables & the IoT. The initial task was to create an entirely new brand and collection of watches to showcase this powerful new technology, all packaged in a premium product & experience.

TEAM: Vector Design. Staat. Photography/Image Christopher Jeney & Happy Finish.

It doesn’t take long to see this is a smartwatch made by a watchmaker.
— Michael Sawh @Trusted Reviews

Nike Vision

Design Director over product leading the internal team to create innovative performance products for key Nike categories (Running_Golf_Training_Basketball), working directly with tier 1 Nike athletes to capture insights that informed industry leading product design, while also driving creative direction for Nike's partner, Marchon Eyewear in NYC, developing NSW lifestyle & all ophthalmic lines.

TEAM: Kyle Schepke. Kirk Birmingham. Photography Nike Inc.

Eyewear Archive

Examples of early eyewear designed while in London working with various brands such as Kangol, MEXX & Global Eyewear, a smaller brand with strong connections to the music and fashion scene in late 90's London. Many of these styles were collected and worn by bands such as Morcheeba, The Prodigy, Nightmares on Wax, to name a few.

TEAM: Matthew le Maistre Smith